Season 2 Episode 3

The Hot Seat with Hamish Turner



Eva and David interview Hamish Turner who specialises as a property management trainer, consultant and also sells Real Estate businesses.

Hamish really understands how to identify the true asset value of a Real Estate business with as of September 2018 selling about a dozen Real Estate businesses with Hamish mentioning at the end of 2018 that he’d had a record year. Hamish shares key areas around how the industry is growing and his simple approach to building the value of a rent roll can be applied to any business of any size. After all a rent roll is the asset of a Real Estate business.

It’s a great interview and Hamish is a wealth of knowledge consulting on so many levels with different clients across Australia and New Zealand.

Show Notes

2:51 – Hamish’s journey of 20 years in Property Management across 2 countries

3:45 – The important lesson of shaving every day and wearing a tie

5:03 – Setting up Hamish’s first business in New Zealand and how he set it up in multiple locations across the country

5:53 – How a severe back injury that took 18 months to heal lead Hamish into the industry

7:08 – What Hamish thinks about buying vs growing a rent roll

8:17 – The myth that a Property Manager should be able to grow a rent roll

8:59 – How Hamish assesses the value of a rent roll using 5 primary factors

9:40 – Using annualised fees with a multiplier to calculate your Rent Rolls saleable value

10:52 – Why property management is one of the best businesses for Cashflow and as an Asset

11:30 – Legislation changes and how they’re heavily impacting the industry within New Zealand

13:05 – Why Technology is a Positive Disruptor and how New Zealand is more conservative when it comes to the adaptation of technology

14:55 – Hamish’s work with Inspect Real Estate and how New Zealand compares with Australia with size and use of IRE

16:35 – Why using the ‘Simplicity Model’ can help you stand out from your competitors

18:43 – The importance of the seamless use of technology to make it more simple for your staff and your clients

20:08 – The importance of a tech friendly support person to help with integration

21:09 – Hamish’s one piece of advice he would give to the industry right now around technology and legislation

23:16 – Hamish’s Hot Seat Questions

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