Season 2 Episode 1

The Hot Seat with Kasey McDonald



David and Eva interview Kasey McDonald from Property Management Training Academy on her experience in the industry as a property manager and now consulting within the industry.

Kasey shares her early experience as a property manager,  why staffing is one of the biggest challenges in the industry, the best way to recruit and find the right person to work in the PM industry, the repetitive nature of the industry and how it all comes down to service, the fear of PMs losing jobs and how automation and AI are going to disrupt the industry.

One of the benefits of interviewing Kasey is she has worked hands on in the industry but more importantly now works ‘ON’ the industry so she has great insights on what is happening from an overall perspective and a number of great tidbits on how to flourish in Real Estate.

Show Notes

2:59 – Kasey’s first property inspection

3:31 – Kasey’s initial thoughts in her early days of property management

4:39 – Ongoing increase in Regulation

5:29 – Why staffing is one of the biggest challenges in the industry and how it impacts the industry

6:49 – Recruiting and finding the right person to work in the PM industry

8:28 – Why property management is so repetitive and comes down to the service you provide

9:41 – How Automation and Artificial Intelligence are going to disrupt the industry

10:41 – The fear of PM’s losing their Jobs

11:56 – The fear behind changing to cloud based software

13:00 – Why principles shouldn’t allow Property Managers to make decisions on the direction of their business

15:16 – An exercise on working through the process of change and why it doesn’t have to be hard

16:03 – Kasey’s Hot Seat questions

19:37 – Kasey’s shameless plug

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