Season 1 Episode 3

The Hot Seat with Sarah Martin



In this episode Damien and David interview Sarah Martin from Melbourne Property Managers who entered into the industry while still in high school and transitioned full time once at the end of school. Sarah is considered an innovator in the industry and we chat about technology in relation to server V’s cloud based programs and whether agencies are being left behind.

Sarah mentions how she differentiates her business in the marketplace and the importance of being readily available to landlords through technology. Also how they use video content to engage clients, and how they attract reviews, client surveys and so so much more.

Show Notes

1:58 – How Sarah fell into the industry

2:53 – what would be some of the more interesting experiences in the industry

4:17 – Cloud Vs Server based software (Console and Property Me)

5:33 – Is the industry adapting fast enough to change

6:00 – How Sarah differentiates her agency in a competitive industry

7:11 – How to be available 24/7 to tenants and landlords with software

8:14 – The secrets to creating social media

9:47 – AirBNB as a disruptor in the industry and building issues

10:14 – The danger of Google and tenant rights

11:08 – The risk of fees and the future of the industry

12:53 – How Sarah addresses negative feedback before it becomes a negative review

15:07 – Is there a place for AirBNB in Real Estate agencies?

16:09 – What Sarah has going on in her business at the moment

You can contact Sarah at or visit