Season 1 Episode 2

The Hot Seat with Rose Kelly



In this episode Damien and David interview Rose Kelly from Leading Focus who has over 3 decades of experience in the real estate industry. We chat Property Management around legislation in the 90’s vs. now including the shift to the consumer-based type of legislation and how that’s impacting the industry.

Rose also discusses the importance of engagement, how to cut through that noise and why struggling businesses don’t understand their value proposition and what that means to property management roles in 2018 and beyond.

Show Notes

1:55 – Tell about yourself and your history in the industry

3:02 – How Rose came into the industry by accident in 1993 as a single mom

4:05 – Rose talks about REIQ and how she helped introduce the national curriculum into QLD

5:30 – Legislation in Real Estate and how it is shaped from a global perspective

6:56 – Rose discusses her favourite hat in the industry

7:30 – What Rose sees as the biggest disruptors and how it all comes down to Engagement

8:50 – Moving the admin and how it’s negatively impacting property managers

10:00 – Why business having problems don’t understand their value proposition

10:49 – The number ONE need of a tenant that is unmet

12:03 – The 3 levels of business owner and how it’s impacting the ability of growth in the industry

13:32 – What leadership skills will the industry need in the future to grow

14:47 – How technology is a part of everyday life and is shifting the core focus of the Real Estate industry

17:19 – What’s happening in Rose’s business at the moment

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