Season 1 Episode 1

The Hot Seat with Kurtis Pirotta



In this episode Damien Barnett and David Judge are interviewing Kutris Pirotta from around how he sees the industry changing and why he believes sales and property management should be more closely aligned and why Property managers are the most important part of any business.

He also discusses why Property Managers have such a high turnover and what businesses can do about it and what he learned from attending over 15 real estate conferences in 12 months.

Show Notes

1:47 – Tell us about yourself, your role at

2:29 – Do you prefer Real Estate or Property Management

4:34 – How Hospitality is similar to Real Estate

5:29 – How did Kurtis get into the industry

6:42 – What would you say to yourself now if you were new to the industry

7:52 – What makes a great Real Estate Agent

8:55 – What challenges do you see in the Real Estate Industry right now

10:14 – Why both Property Managers and Real Estate Agents need to be growth focussed and not system focussed

11:26 – Why property manager stays in a business for 9 months and agencies can do about it

12:39 – What Kurtis learnt by attending 15 conferences in 12 months

14:01 – What’s the biggest challenge you’re seeing in the industry at the moment

15:57 – Do you think the tidal wave of change in the Real Estate businesses has already begun

17:21 – What do you specifically see as the biggest disruptors in the next 2 years

18:30 – Why 35% of landlords are managing properties themselves and what to do about it

20:11 – Why Rentvesting is a big thing and what it means to the industry

21:11 – Why business reviews are a big disruptor in the industry and how you can use it as an opportunity

24:12 – How can Real Estate business owners can do to differentiate themselves in today’s environment

26:31 – How “75 things” will make a big change to your value proposition

27:39 – What does have going on at the moment