Mid Season 2 Highlights – Part 1

Sadhana Smiles

1:26 – Why your Property Management business is an asset and how you should treat that asset

Ray Ellis

2:18 – The importance of an agency becoming the Lord Mayor of your area, becoming an expert and using that to get more business than your competitor

Hamish Turner

3:20 – Why using the ‘Simplicity Model’ can help you stand out from your competitors

Kasey McDonald

4:27 – Why property management is so repetitive and comes down to the service you provide

Tanya Titman

5:29 – Why business owners need to take responsibility for the numbers and why it’s normal not to understand them

Hallie and Brennan Hill

6:47 – Hallie and Brennan discuss why all agencies should be moving toward ‘Instantaneous Response, 24 hours a day’ to survive in the industry