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Season 2
Episode 17

Today’s guest Lauren Robinson is an industry pocket rocket growing a rent roll from 0 to 550 in 4 years organically, has a special focus on continuous improvement and has managed to set up a very successful business that practically runs without her.

All of the team at The Hot Seat have known Lauren from many years ago when she used to work for a business you may have heard of called Pro-Rentals. On top of many other points within the interview, we discuss Lauren’s transition from Employee to a business owner.

Highlights within the episode include, why after 17 years, Lauren still enjoys the industry and how Lauren uses personal development to maintain focus and drive, what is High Tech, High Touch and how Lauren empowers her entire team to influence and make decisions to keep driving the business forward, lessons learnt in growing from one team member to multiples, establishing a brand from ZERO to 550 properties organically and the sacrifices in the first year, AND The importance of constant improvement in any business and how Lauren uses that to stay relevant in the industry.

Overall the feel of this episode is a little more serious and we actually discuss some of the harder topics we haven’t before, especially around the profitability of a business and assessing if owning a Real Estate business is actually viable today, based on how you’re reacting to constant threats coming over the horizon.