Season 1 Episode 5

The Hot Seat with David Berridge



Damien and David speak with David Berridge who is the national agent services manager of and has been a part of the business for over 13 years where David reflects on the changes in the industry from a service providers perspective.

David also talks about how he used to manage the website from a ski field in Switzerland, the challenge of traditional agencies vs. technology, a paperless real estate agency, Artificial Intelligence around decision making the importance of people in the business and where David would like to see the industry go in the next 5 years.

Show Notes

2:07 – How did David enter the industry and the beginning of

3:37 – David’s experience as a real estate agent

5:11 – How has changed over the last 13 years

5:49 – David’s proudest change in the business from where David managed the website from the ski fields in Switzerland

6:50 – Does David outsource offshore or are they employed locally

7:45 – The challenge of agencies accepting change

8:24 – The early adopters vs the people left behind

8:56 – What does David think of the concept of paperless office

9:41 – Is your information safer online or offline?

10:40 – How uses technology to help Agencies understand their tenants better

12:50 – Why David believes AI is an asset for a Real Estate business and how AI can decide on the best tenants

15:50 – Where would David like to see the industry move to over the next five years

You can contact David on LinkedIn.