Season 1 Episode 4

The Hot Seat with Kelley Seaton



Damien and David interview Kelley Seaton from The Leasing Network who has extensive experience in the industry, operating a property management agency across multiple states before moving to the central coast where they currently run the leasing network.

We chat about the hiring of staff on skill vs. personality, the importance of profiling your local staff to find gaps in your business, the importance of branding for recognition, integrating AirBnb into your business and how she used $80 worth of gift vouchers to generate ongoing leads from sales agents and more.

Show Notes

1:48 – Kelley’s history in the industry and why Real Estate was the only industry Kelley didn’t want to work in

4:56 – What it means to start all over again with a new rebrand

5:19 – The challenge of operating a property management business across 2 different states

6:10 – What would Kelley do differently if she started all over again (hiring staff on skill vs personality)

7:20 – What is DISC profiling and how it can be a total game changer for any business

7:50 – How you can see the personality gaps in your business and how Kelley used this process to identify the biggest gap in the BDM side of the business

9:28 – The challenge of brand awareness and social media

10:14 – Knowing your market and researching your areas to find the best locations based on leasing availability

11:35 – Working like or with AirBnB and other disruptors to grow your market

12:57 – How to align yourself with other disruptors like Purple Bricks to grow your business

14:18 – How to market research your competitors

15:40 – How to tap into sales agents to get properties

17:00 – How the younger generation will dominate property management

18:00 – The challenge of culture in established PM businesses

You can contact Kelley at or visit